Billing Specialist Brandi Sealander recently successfully completed a “Diabetes Management Systems” course at the California Area Office of I.H.S.

P.H.N. Karen Van Cleave recently successfully completed a 3-day course at U.C. Irvine entitled, “HIV/ AIDS Clinical Training Program for Native American Healthcare Providers.”

C.H.R. Ramona Saltwater and M.A.’s Marla Wolfin and Jessica Mercado completed a course in January given to become a Certified Family Planning Health Worker sponsored by the California Family Health Council.

All Pit River Employees are currently attending Professional Assault Crisis Training.

C.H.R. Ramona Saltwater and M.A. Jessica Mercado recently completed the “Chronic Disease Self-Management Program” given by the California Arthritis Partnership Program.

Behavioral Health Director Dennis Thompson completed “Strengthening Fatherhood”, a class sponsored by First Five Shasta.

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